Carrier Oils

Sourced globally, SEOC’s range of Certified Organic and Conventional Carrier Oils are an excellent addition to your personal care products or as a base for your massage requirements. Due to their non-volatile nature, they may be applied directly to the skin. Each oil varies in viscosity and fatty acid composition and therefore offers unique properties to your finished product.

Certified Organic

SEOC’s Certified Organic range of Carrier Oils are produced from materials that are pesticide and GMO free. Certified Organic Carrier Oils are generally produced with less refining processes and as such this ensures they retain the highest activity of constituent goodness within the oil.



SEOC’s Conventional range of Carrier Oils are excellent for all cosmetic formulations, particularly where price is the main consideration. Our high quality range has been selected based on the most popular oils used in the cosmetic and massage industries.


SEOC’s Carrier Oil range is based on various factors including:

  • Continued, stable production with consistent yields.
  • Batch specific paperwork that confirms method of manufacture and accounts for the stability of the oil when produced.
  • Processing methods that best suit the material being produced.
  • Materials that are produced in areas best suited climatically.

See our User Guide for further information including; methods of extraction and refinement, key properties and recommended applications for each oil.