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Essential Oils Safety Guidelines

Essential oils are extremely potent and precautions should be taken to ensure their safe useage. 

Some of the most common precautions are listed below...
During pregnancy it is recommended that some essential oils be avoided whilst many others are safe to use in low dosages. Always check with a qualified practitioner prior to use.

For those with sensitive skin it is advisable to reduce the recommended amounts by half as skin irritations may occur. When using essential oils on babies, children and the elderly, always reduce the recommended amounts by half.

Certain essential oils may trigger epileptic seizures and others should be avoided if you suffer from high or low blood blood pressure. 
Several oils can cause photosensitivity (darkening of skin pigment) if applied to the skin prior to exposure to sunlight.

Essential oils are not recommended for ingestion. If you are in doubt, we recommend that it is always best to check with a qualified Aromatherapist before use.