The Complete Guide To Aromatherapy 3rd Edition

SEOC BOOKS RANGE. Written By Salvatore Battaglia

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Subtitle: Volume 1 - Foundations & Materia Medica Pages: 637 Language: English " The book often known as the aromatherapy bible has just been rewritten. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third Edition is internationally acclaimed as the most authoritative and comprehensive textbook on aromatherapy. The 3rd edition, provides us with the most comprehensive essential oil monographs ever published. Each monograph includes a description of the botany and origins, organoleptic profile, chemical composition, a detailed history and traditional uses, a comprehensive review of the pharmacological and clinical studies, a detailed discussion on the actions and aromatherapy uses, blending tips and advice for the safe use and much more. Other topics covered in Volume I include: - The role of aromatherapy in promoting health and wellbeing - Detailed history of aromatherapy - The botanical origins of essential oils - The methods of essential oil extraction - Guidelines for the safe practice of aromatherapy - How to use essential oils in aromatherapy. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy Third Edition is written for everyone who is passionate about aromatherapy and essential oils, whether it be for personal use, for the student of aromatherapy, for the professional aromatherapist or for the health professional. "

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