Grapefruit Pink Oil

Citrus paradisi

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Method of extraction: Cold pressed

Plant part: peel

Aroma profile: Bright, sweet & fresh citrus scent, vaguely tart Very characteristic of the fruit. Recent hybrid of C.maxima and C.sinesis

Benefits: Alleviates stress and nervous exhaustion Uplifting & reviving.  Can assist with water retention.  Stimulates both the digestive and lymphatic system.  Popular in cellulite treatment.   Helps treat teenage, congested or oily skin.

Common Uses: Vaporiser - to banish negative energy. 

Dilute in massage oil - for a stress relieving massage Skincare - add to a cleanser for teenage or problem skin Body - blend with your body butter base to help smooth skin Inhalation - keep a few drops on a tissue to stop you from over-shopping on an empty stomach NOTE: Always dilute essential oils in carrier oil or cream base before applying to the skin.

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