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INCI: Parfum or Fragrance

Naticide ® is a Trade name of Sinerga. It is not acceptable for use on your product label’s ingredient list. The correct INCI name for your label, when using Naticide ® is ‘Parfum’ or ‘Fragrance’.

Form: Clear liquid. Its aroma is pleasant, sweet and reminiscent of vanilla and almond. Soluble in water, glycol and alcohol.

Description: Naticide has potential to be used in organic cosmetic formulations. (Consult your organic certifier for approval of your formulation.) Naticide is a vegetable origin fragrance with broad spectrum activity against Bacteria Gram-positive, Bacteria Gram-negative, moulds and yeasts. It may be used alone or in conjunction with other preservatives. Because it is technically a fragrance, a label claim of preservative-free is possible as can be listed as Parfum or Fragrance.

Suggested percentages: The recommended level is between 0.3% to 1% when used as the single preservative, or between 0.2%-0.5% when used in combination with other preservatives. When used in adequate dosages it is suitable in emulsions, gels, cleansers, shampoos, masks, etc. It is soluble in water up to 0.6%, and completely soluble in glycol and alcohol. If using more than this, add 0.6% to water phase and add the balance under constant stirring to ensure proper dispersion. It is most effective in finished products with a pH range of 4 to 9.

Safety: Naticide is non-toxic and not hazardous to humans or the environment. Do not ingest. Stability testing of your formulation is recommended to determine finished product shelf life.

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