Wattleseed Ground

Acacia victoriae. Mid-sized granules. Ideal for body, foot & soap scrubs. Origin: Australia

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Australian Native/Wild Harvested. Dark brown, mid-sized, firm, irregular granules. Suitable for face, body, foot & soap. Adds a rich coffee/hazelnut aroma & coffee colour to your products. Derived from: seeds

INCI: Acacia victoriae

Skin benefits: Mild to Medium exfoliation. Tonic, slightly astringent. Diminishes signs of wrinkles.

Suggested percentages:

Face: 5-8%

Body: 5-10%

Foot: 5-15%

Melt & Pour Soap: 5-15%

Extra Notes: We recommend using Wattle seed Exfoliating Granules in conjunction with a suitable preservative.

Storage Tip: For long term storage, we recommend storing the fridge or freezer to maintain optimum freshness. 

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